The Galway County Jury 'TEACHTAIRE'

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Jacqueline McGrath from Tuam was chosen as Teachtaire ('messenger' in English) by the Galway Jury at its most recent meeting. Why choose a Teachtaire? We all know the tradtional figure assiciated with juries - the'foreman' - but the Jury decided against using that term. Likewise they decided not to have a 'spokesperson.' Spokespersons are there to defend the interests of some group or organisation. A jury has no interest to be defended. All it has is a simple message to deliver, so they are sending out a teachtaire or messenger. The message is new; its about Citizen-Juries shaping government. It is rooted an old and reliable practise - the jury; hence the use of the first national language - teachtaire. In the coming weeks you will be hearing more about the message of the Galway County PeopleTalk Jury, so watch this space.