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Wednesday, in Tuam, and Thursday, in Ballinasloe, members of the Galway County PeopleTalk Jury conducted two more Public Listening workshops. The sessions began with a brief outline of PeopleTalk and its underlying philosophy of rebuilding trust in public life by bringing a citizen's point of view to bear on the reform of public sector. Then those present were each invited to write down two good/encouraging examples and two bad/discouraging examples of interaction between citizens and government in their experience. This was followed by a discussion in which the paricipants prioritised the issues which came up. This process generated a lot of energy and interest among the participants and details of the noted taken are available in  BRIEFING ZONE on the main menu of this website. Thiese notes will be used by the Jury, along with those from the other workshops, in desiding what issues to focus on in framing the final recommendations. Next week two further workshops take place -

Loughrea                               Kinsella‚Äôs Pub, Main St.                               Tue, 23 Sept., 7.30pm

Gort                                      Gort Community Centre                               Wed., 24 Sept., 8.30pm