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PeopleTalk - Citizen Juries Shaping Government


We want to hear about your experience, good and bad, of public services. The good shows what’s possible. The bad shows what needs to change. What has your experience taught you about how public services work and fail to work? We will be running seven Public Listening Workshops throughout County Galway in the coming weeks.

We are the Galway County PeopleTalk Jury, set up last year at the request of Galway County Council. After a public recruitment campaign, we were chosen by lottery, six male and six female, from those who volunteered. Our task is to formulate practical proposals for public sector reform. We cannot do this effectively without the help of our fellow citizens in Public Listening Workshops.

PeopleTalk – Citizen Juries Shaping Government  - is an initiative of the Jesuits in Ireland. It is endorsed, not only by Galway County Council, but by ALL political groupings in Dáil Éireann. The objective is to rebuild trust in public life by promoting public sector reform from the citizen’s point of view.

The Listening Workshops will be held at seven venues throughout Galway county:

Tuam                                     Beechtree Enterprise Park                           Wed., 17 Sept., 8pm

Ballinasloe                              Ballinasloe Enterprise Centre                     Thurs., 18 Sept, 8pm

Gort                                      Gort Community Centre                               Wed., 24 Sept., 8.30pm

Loughrea                               Kinsella’s Pub, Main St.                               Tue, 23 Sept., 7.30pm

Moylough                              Moylough Hall                                             Tues. 30 Sept., 8.30pm

Clifden                                  t.b.a.                                                                    

An Ceathrú Rua                    t.b.a.