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12 November, 2013.

Last Saturday the Galway County PeopleTalk Jury had its fourth meeting and welcomed its newest member Maria Silva, who has been living in Ireland for many years but is originally from Portugal. The Jury formulated its first practical proposal and the director was instructed to take the necessary steps to raise the matter with the appropriate official. The details of this proposal will only be made public after the official concerned has been contacted.

The Jury also agreed to run three informal workshops within the next month - in Moycullen, Ballinasloe and Gort. These workshops will be a first step in the public listening process. The three objectives will be to explain what PeopleTalk is all about, to invite those present to talk about the issues which concern them in their dealings with government and to encourage them to spread the word, as we prepare for the full public listening workshops around the county.

The issue of developing some sort of listening process for front line public servants, which was raised at previous meetings, was further explored. It would have to work on a 'no names mentioned' basis and could only function if it had the confidence of both management and unions.