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18 October, 2013.

Here are some of the projects selected along with PeopleTalk to present at the Borders to Cross Conference.

The Workshop Project The Work Shop is a Lambeth Council, UK, project designed in order to talk more directly about how residents, the council, and its partners might work together in new ways. This project was set up in a vacant shop in West Norwood and in the initial phase 540 conversations were held between local residents and 58 council and partner staff members. These conversations led to some fresh ideas about how we could overcome the challenges of collaboration and how to make West Norwood a better place to live. [PeopleTalk is co-hosting a workshop with this project.]

CitizensPact, launched in December 2012, brings together a coalition of citizens and organizations joining in to advocate for concrete demands for the Europe they want to live in. The Citizens Pact should be understood as a pact between the citizens of Europe – including all people who reside and participate in Europe – and a pact between them and the EU institutions, in which concrete proposals are developed, calling for radical change in European politics. 

Building participatory capacity in the public sector. Responsibilities for organizing public services in the Netherlands, of which health care is one, are increasingly delegated to the municipal level. A group of municipalities in West Brabant jointly responds to these policy changes. In coalition with Long Term Care providers, well fare organizations, a client support organization and the largest insurer in the region they try to translate system changes into local policy. 
Democratic community of practiceDemCop, is a network of young professionals working on and experiencing new ways of participation in European democracies. Its central goal is to advance the state of inclusive democratic governance and citizenship practices in the EU, in theory and practice, through immediate political action and long-term capacity building.
Building participatory capacity in the public sector, Slovenia. In 2012, various  civic initiatives have started from grass-root level – citizens gathering around issues that affect their collective quality of life, searching for alternatives to the existent modes of operations, organising, working, living in communities. One of the initiatives is an international one-week collective learning experiment (“Learning Village”), supported by the local community of Statenberg and another initiative is a one-person initiative springing from within the existing political structure Ministry of Interior and Public Administration to develop participatory leadership capacity for key policy makers in Slovenian public sector.